As the Consortium grows and develops, it is our goal to create a vibrant, informed, and dedicated community of practice that shares best practices in postgraduate nurse practitioner residency and fellowship training, supports individual continuing professional development, and promotes on-going programmatic performance and quality improvement.

We seek to host a dynamic and responsive platform for our community of like-minded individuals and organizations, committed to excellence in delivering a rigorous, high-performance model of postgraduate nurse practitioner training. Our members will model open, respectful, and collegial communications. Members will use the Membership Directory and other communications platforms only for their intended purposes of fostering membership collegial interaction and communication, avoiding commercial activities.

Member rights: Members of the Consortium in good standing shall have the right to attend and participate in programs, seminars, meetings, and other events or activities of the Consortium as designated by the Board of Directors for Member attendance or participation.  Members shall have access to information, publications, newsletters, educational materials, databases, websites, and other items and benefits designated by the Board of Directors for Member access or distribution.

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