Apply for Membership

Why Membership?

Joining the Consortium’s membership program is the perfect way to demonstrate your support for the postgraduate NP training movement. Our membership program is intended to provide a platform for networking, communication and ongoing professional development.  Over the coming year we will be rolling out benefits that have been identified by postgraduate program directors, faculty members, practitioners, administrators, researcher, trainees and others who are dedicated to our mission.

Benefits of Membership

Ultimately, we seek to create a healthcare workforce that meets the needs of our patients and our society.  Toward that end Phase 1 of our membership program will begin with:

  • members only access to a dynamically updated membership directory;
  • a cohort of discussion platforms: program directors; faculty, preceptors, and mentors; program administrators; trainees; researchers; general questions; regulatory updates;
  • access to our membership library.

Over the coming months, we will be adding benefits as our resources allow.

There are two classes of membership: individual and institutional.

Please review the dues structure here.